Month: March 2006

PositScience has an online test to check the speed of your brain. I have not tried it. I know the speed of mine. SLOW! Network World has an article describing the 20 most important products of the last 20 years

Some things SHOULD be illegal. Some things probably are. I am not sure if molesting cars is but it looks like it should be! The WTF section is hillarious as to what people have done to perfectly good cars. As

According to The Register, Apple have just released a Disney movie on iTunes. Is is suspected that the movie download service will be released for Apple’s 30th anniversary later this week. The movie download costs just under US$10. In japan,

I have just got home from a meeting… Before the meeting I decided to spend an hour extra working on the plane – trying to fix the problem with the canopy alignment. Unfortunately I dont think we got anywhere with

Some cool links. Firstly, is the Wikipeda entry for Top Gear. It provides a lot more interesting trivia on this great show! They also have a page on Brainiac. The stuff they have there must be seen to be believed!

There is a review of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood in Escape in News.Com.Au. This has been one of the great hotels for ages, although I have never stayed there since it has quite frankly looked yucky from the outside.

I managed to sleep in this morning… I really needed it having stayed up late two nights in a row watching The Simpsons on Foxtel. At least that it was self inflicted I guess… I think I am still waking

Finally home after spending the afternoon building. I think we ended up doing about eight hours working on the canopy frame. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, this is the five pieces of metal welded

The Instructables site has details on how to make a pop up card. This looks like a great idea for people into scrapbooking… And for the person who has absolutly everything in the gift deparment, and who love chocolate, comes

Watching STEALTH was similar to what I expected, but different. It was good to see the movie since I did some hardware to be used by the producers of the movie on location. Given that was my interest, I was

I have seen some movies today… I wanted to visit the cinema but there was nothing on that I wanted to see. I want to see ‘V for Vendetta’ but it was not on anywhere locally. So I borrowed some

There are times when I wish I had a girlfriend. This is one of those times. I found a great great project, and I would love to have someone to build it for… They are LED ear-rings. The instructions are

In what must be one one of the more interesting fraud cases, NEC has found an employee who it would appear created something like US$300m in fake purchase orders from the company for ‘food and drink’. As if that was

Tomorrow I actually have a saturday off from working on the pane. I have yet to decide what I will do… Maybe go to the movies or something else. I dunno. Might be fun not to plan anything yet, and

The Mother Jones Web Site has a really biased view of the world of Intellectual Property. As an example they cite a press release that states that a large archive of 11 million photos has been placed into a bunker