Month: March 2005

The scanning is going well, but the scanner crashed whilst working on a large document. I had about 75 sheets to scan in the 350 page document before it stopped. Thankfully I was able to save the data that was

My run was not exactly what I would call a success… I only managed about 2.5 KM averageing about 8.4 KM/H. This was not a what I would call a great success. These figures are deceptive though, as I was

More news… On my grandmother. They are moving her stuff out of her self-care unit at the retirement village in 10 days time since there is no way she can go back there. When she leaves the hospital she will

I just heard from my brother. My grandmother had a seizure on Monday and is not in a good way. This is not good – prayers would be appreciated. Also, I have just spent two hours on the phone with

Firstly some very good news… I just got a fairly good order.. I guess I will be celebrating tonight… I am really happy about this order. It has been a long time coming, with a few hassles along the way.

I found a cool tool yesterday thanks to the Circuit Cellar magazine. It is called PortMon and monitors the serial port without needing any wires. This is such a cool debugging tool, and has the potential to save me so

Blogger Outage

Sorry about the lack of updates in the latter half of yesterday. Blogger.COM had an outage. What I did not know about, but do now is that there is a Web Page to tell the Status of Blogger.Com. Anyway it

I alluded to an issue one of my clients was having yesterday where connections were stopping in their tracks. Well, we have a solution. It seems that the connections remain connected when they stop, but are just not sending any

I didn’t get any work caught up on last night, so I will need to work extra hard today. Thankfully a teleconference scheduled for today is not on, so I might get a chance to get more work done. My

My friends at InstantEffects.Com have sent me a copy of the latest version of their software, or at least the a license key to allow me to download their software and install it. Surprisingly my nVidea graphics card only just

This afternoon has been a series of phone calls. Just as one would finish another one would start. And this is not call waiting or anything like that… Each phone call came in on a different line just after the

Sometimes my work leads in strange ways. I have just found an undocumented feature (BUG) in one of the mobile phone carrier’s systems. It is a bug that affects about 0.0001% of users, but is causing me some problems. You

I have just returned from a run – I did about 3.5KM in about 25 minutes. I am really impressed with myself, although I should say that have sweat pouring from me at the moment. I am drinking some mineral

Personal Insight Since this blog is my diary, I can write about whatever I like, with some limitations. But this is my place, and it is entirely a place for me. As you might have been able to work out,

  These are some battery chargers from Bayswater Power Station. They could supply 500A continuous at 240V DC. And I worked on them live. Notice the paralelled 415V incoming power lines at the bottom of the first picture. This was