Month: January 2005

Can you Tune a Fish?

There is an article on the Internet about a Self Tuning Piano. This piano uses power to tune each string – creating a piano with 250W or there abouts of power heating the strings. The problem is that the piano

Update and Apology

I am now in New Zealand, and I am emjoying myself. The guest house on my friends property is beautiful. I really love this country – so beautiful and peaceful. We spent the morning working on getting his digital eight

New Zealand… The Answer

So, how was my trip? Well, it is interesting to see how prayers are answered. Going to New Zealand was my way of giving myself some time to work through some personal issues – a cancelled engagement in fact. Thursday

Cute Teddy Bear

I think this is SO cute… According to the BBC, a company in the US state of Vermont has sparked controversy with a teddy bear in a straitjacket emblazoned with a love heart for Valentine’s Day. For when you are

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Here in New Zealand I am staying in a place called Coatesville. It is about 3KM from Albany, about 30KM north of Auckland. It is a really nice little town. Quiet. Peaceful. Albany has a megacentre strip mall with the

New Zealand Photos

Here are some photos from my New Zealand Trip. Enjoy

Copyright and Fostex

I was looking at the Soundtrack to Local Hero, and something struck me. The copyright data for the album is incorrect, and actually fraudulant in some jurisdictions. The songs for the album were written and performed sometime in the early

What is a Blog?

Recently someone asked me what a Blog was. Blog was the word of the year for 2003 or 2004 but the word is still not well known throughout the population. Some people who have heard the word have no idea

New Zealand here I come

Tomorrow morning I am flying to New Zealand for a few days. Probably the weekend and not much more. I am staying with a friend and we are going to see if we can fix his recording studio at the

Findwindow Question – Windows CE

No blog for a while. I have no excuse I have been working on doing a vehicle tracking interface for OziExplorer CE. This required me to use VB.NET under Windows CE. An interesting exercise. I have had issues getting the