Month: October 2004

Nokia 6600 Stuff

I have just found a couple of programs for my Nokia 6600 mobile. One is a must have and the other is the Useful type. The Must Have is a Keyboard Lock. You can download it from You need

Killing a process in VB.NET

I spent some time today searching form information on how to kill a process using VB.NET. I was surprised that this was harder than I thought it would be. Mainly because the information does not seem to be documented very


OK, I admit it. I have been a bit quiet for the last few weeks. I have had a lot on my mind. A huge ammount in fact. I will not go into the details here right now, but I

Managed DirectX Programming

I am starting to get up to speed with what I have to do to get sound sampled. The only problem is that now I am getting an error message – “Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: The operation is not valid due

Managed DirectX

OK. So here I am trying to do a rush job. I need to do some cute work with DirectX in VB.NET. Rushed because I need to write the code – someone else was going to but has not been

ABBA… A Confession

I was on the phone yesterday and I commented to a friend “Yes, that is ABBA in the background”. And his comment was something along the lines of “I was about to ask that”. My music collection is somewhat extensive

Mobile Phone Bill

I got my mobile bill for the time I was away. I was impressed. Call charges were only $100 for the month. Sure, I was not using the phone much, but it was rather nice to be that cheap. That


In another life I think I could have been a cryptographer. But in this one I really do not have the paitience to do that sort of thing. Case in point. A business partner has been wanting me to do

Travel Diary – To Singapore and Home

Checking in at Rome was strange. The woman found it strange that I had a ticket to London, and then a separate one to Singapore. Once she realized that it was because of ticket types and schedule problems she was

Travel Diary – Visiting Rome

Last Night (Wednesday Night) I got my tour of the center of Rome. I was really impressed, and I finally see the attraction of this place. I don’t know that I would want to live here but even so it

Travel Diary – More Italy

I was trying to decide if I needed something for dinner. So I went down to the front desk to ask about Internet access. Dialup is the only option. Argh. Wireless routers are cheap these days, even in Italy… And

Travel Diary – To Italy

I have finally worked out where I neglected to go in London – The British Library. I forgot that they often have cool stuff. Next time. The same next time when I go to Bletchley Park. Turns out that the

Travel Diary – London

Thursday morning I visited the National Science Museum. This required me to take The Tube. This was an experience. Buying the ticket – a Daypass for sections 1 and 2 – was easy and only #4.30. What was strange was

Travel Diary – USA – London – The Funeral

Rogers Funeral today. I woke up a bit after seven and got cleaned dressed ready for going out – and grabbed my laptop and went down to Starbucks for breakfast. Breakfast was nice but the Starbucks internet access was not

Travel Diary – USA – Digital Comms Conference – Appendix

Some stuff I forgot about the digital communications conference. Bdale I believe it was showed me an antenna plot that someone in AMSAT had made recently. It was a plot of the antenna gain for the GPS transmitting antenna as