Month: September 2004

Deceptive Trade Conducts

Just got some advertising from “Computers Direct” on (Australia) 1300 85 36 37. The letter came in a plain envelope with a window. It was stamped with “Hand Delivered”, and through the window it said “Final Notice” Oh. What bill

DVD Slideshow software

[Long time no blog… I have been away. I will fix the blog in the next week] I have a whole lot of photos of a trip away. I want to put them onto a DVD where I need to

I have finally worked out where I neglected to go in London – The BritishLibrary. I forgot that they often have cool stuff. Next time. The same nexttime when I go to Bletchley Park. Turns out that the person who

Dateline : Wednesday 8-Sept Right now I am in the Admirals Club in LAX terminal four. People have never been to one of these should realize what the admirals club is. It is something between a coffee lounge in your

Sydney to Auckland – September 5th, 2004 7:10AM flight on a Sunday morning. Which of course is way too early, what with a two hour checkin, and a forty minute trip to the airport. Technically I drove myself to the

WiFi in the UK and USA

I have been looking at the prices of WiFi in the UK. The prices are horrible. For some reason I feel that a price of 16 UK Pounds for 24 hours access is slightly excessive. And by slightly excesive, I

Surprise Wedding 2

Channel Seven is running adverts right now for this show called “Surprise Wedding 2” where guys are conned to some to the studio for their own wedding. Of course without telling them before hand. And with this series they are

The world of Public Holidays

I am constantly amazed by the fact that I never have any ideas of holidays in the rest of the world. Case in point. I am flying into Los Angeles on Monday Morning their time. I think this is tuesday

Carrier Problems, and a bug in my blogger.

This is my fourth attempt to write thie BLOG entry. The others have been erased when I attempted to copy the text. To copy I went to the end of the text, and pressed the shift key. Then I paged

Windows Services – Starting and Stopping with VB.Net

Over the past week I have been attempting to write a program that monitored a server, and restart the service as required. This is harder than it sounds. Only because searching the documentation takes so long. The answer… Imports System.serviceprocess


Here are the movies I will be seeing when I am away. Alitalia does not describe their ones on their site. AA Movies might be Harry Potter and/or The Whole Ten Yards Sydney to Aukland Ladykillers Aukland to LA Stepford