Month: August 2004

When you need to copy files arround, RSYNC from the guys that brought us SAMBA is probably the best tool arround. But sometimes RSYNC is not an option. The big reason would be when the server at the other end

I have previously mentioned that I had some issues with a small charge for MMS on my bill. The charge was for $0.75. Nothing really. Not worth my time . But I complained about it anyway. I found out today

Friday Afteroon I met Richard at his place in order to pick up the Wings and the Fuselage for his plane. I arrived there about 1PM, and we then took a 2 Ton truck over to Botany to the docks.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a Story on security in the Olympics, and how A$1.5 Billion was spent on it. According to the article, they had “12 patrol boats, 4000 vehicles, 9 helicopters, four mobile command centres, and a blimp.”

Wow. This is my 116th post in this blog. Well, I did cheat by about 20 yesterday by adding my Olympic BLOG, but that is really negligable compared to the other posts. I started Blogging at the end fo June,

I just got my monthly Telstra bill. Of course there are problems. One of the charges is for a Mobile Enhanced SMS message – A.K.A. MMS. This would be fine apart from a few problems a) The SIM card is

Sometimes being the secretary of an organisation has its problems. These problems usually have to do with a work requirement. But not always. I always produce the minutes for my church in real time. I type them at the meeting,

Watching the Movies has brought back a few memories for me… One was that an event started perfectly on an hour – I think it was the race walking. Something like exactly 5:00 or so our time. And I remember

A friend is working on doing some wiring of a GPS so that it works with a Laptop. Which means that he is needing to do some wiring with soldering up a cable with me doing the design. So we

I have recently rebuilt my main linux box. Moved to SuSE Linux rather than RedHat. The reason was that RedHat killed off RedHat Linux, and moved to Fedora. If they want to upset me I will get rid of them.

There is the old engineering joke about a plane in the mountains with a whole lot of polish nationals on it. The pilot pounted out a mountain on the left side. All the polish rushed to that side and it

G’Day All.. I am not sure how many people read this, but I write it anyway. I like to think of this as a slightly censored online diary – something that I write no matter who reads it (Not as

In london in a few weeks I will be staying at the Imperial Hotel. I got this email back in response to a query about what data ports in rooms means. In this case it means that SOME rooms can

The Australian Statistics Mob yesterday came up with a set of dodgy statistics that showed per capita that Australia would be number two on basis of gold medals after Saudi Arabia or the UAE. This was on the basis of

I love it when I am ahead of a big organisation. I am attempting to get access to Microsoft MapPoint Web Services. This should be easy, but I am in Australia. That makes things harder. Now, I dont care if