Month: July 2004

Microsoft Ch 9 – A super small file server

Channel 9 on Microsoft MSDN has a cute Video about building a WinCE 5.0 NAS device. It uses a ICOP eBox-II which is about US$180 – and looks REALLY cute. All the advantages of an embedded windows box – but

Holy Magnesium… Up goes the computer

Burning a NeXT Cube

This land is your land…

There is a good piece of satire on the Shockwave Web Site to the tune of THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND. It compares George Dubya with John Kerry – and has them insulting each other. It is a good laugh.

Dell Order Stuff Up

Ok… So the Dell computer arrived yesterday. When I ordered it, it came with a free Dell printer. Like, can I rather get a reduction in price or something? No. It comes with a free printer. Something that is not

Microsoft Office Update

If you visit the Microsoft Office Update WebSite at the moment you fill find the Service Pack 1 for Office 2003. Unfortunately it does not even install on my PC. ARGH.

Dell Delivery Toy

Ok. The Dell FINALLY arrived today. Bit surprised with hit arriving at about 2:30 PM. The delivery guy was not expecting anyone to be home, and was even more surprised when it was me who was home since I was


Wow… I knew that wireless networks were insecure. But this is amazing. I found this tool called EtherPEG that actually listens for images on a wireless network, and shows you what they are. How did I find this – well,

DHTML Lemmings� by crisp – Menu

I dont beliebe it…Someone has written Lemmings in Javascript

Dell Order Tracking

I have needed to order a new computer from Dell for one of my associated businesses. The Dell Tracking seems not to get better every year. They used to offer an email tracking notification system. Now they dont even do

UI-View – Roger Barker G4IDE

Some concerning news. There was a message on a mailing list from New Zealand first thing this morning concerning the author of UI-View and WinPack. The message asked for the opinion of people about the idea of changing the registration

Coke Can GPS X-Ray

According to a story on SlashDot, there are some concerns with the Soda Can GPS tracker that is being used as a marketing tool for Coke in the USA. there are a lot of interesting things that this PDF tells

Many many things

Update on Lookout Searching for Outlook Microsoft have re-released Lookout for Outlook. Unless you knew it was there you would not find it. Argh. Windows XP SP2 RC1 Install with care. CRN, a part of CMP who purchased byte many

GROKLAW – On Standards

The LawBlog of GROKLAW has a good look at the law relating to standards. Specifically it looks at the SCO assertation that it owns something about the ELF format used by Linux along with other POSIX systems. This is of

Mostly impressed with DELL…

I am mostly impressed with DELL. Two days ago I ordered a computer online. For some reason they need to ring me to confirm things – which they did yesterday. Fine. I thought that this would cause a delay in


At great expense I got the attached PCB made by one of the local PCB suppliers. According to Sydney Folk Lore, PCB’s are an Australian Invention. Little confirmation of this is available. The board has all of five capacitors, an