Month: June 2004

Tax Time

Oh, Fun. Oh Joy… Each 3 months I promoise to do things better… And I never do. So I am poring over receipts and bank statements attempting to gain order from the chaos. Ha. Doesnt work. I am not actually

Unstable Windows

Windows crashed today. Again. It is XP Pro, and has 1 gByte of RAM and 128mBytes of Video RAM. So memory is really not an issue. Anyway my machine gets to the point where the machine locks up. I think

Turn It In

There was an article in the paper a few days back about how Macquarie University is paying TurnItIn A$30,000 per year for their servies to stamp out plagarism. Whilst I object to cheating, I even object more to this business.

Fun with WebServices

Developing WebServices is fun. Redefining the word FUN of course to something the oposite of course. The windows security model seems to be written to annoy rather than to protech. For instance PRB: “Requested Registry Access Is Not Allowed” Error

Weather Data wants to be free

CWOP is the Citizen Weather Observation Programme, a part of NOAA. You can find the data on [] all about this data. The problem for the private weather industry is that all this data is freely available, and is

netAPRS Software Update

Our netAPRS is getting another upgrade. This time it will have the ability to actually tranmit GPS positions on air. Right now the GPS MUST be connected to the serial port, not through OziExplorer. This is because OziExplorer and .Net

.Net Compact Framework… Fun and Games

This post is from a week back… and was originally in WORD format… netCF. Missing things such as VisualBasic.FileOpen. Do you realize how hard it is to actually find information on the web or in generic VB.Net books about how

Start of Blogging

OK… This is the start of my blogging attempt – at least on a professional level. Right now I am just getting started, and one of the things that I want to achieve is that I will document some of