Month: March 2002

28-March-2002 : WWW Site Things are finally running very smoothly. The WWW site and internet connection have not missed a beat in the last week or so. The internet link is still requiring periodic restarts, but we hope to have

20-March-2002 : ADSL and Server Failure ADSL is now working correctly. I am restarting the modem every few hours automatically to ward off issues that I have been seeing with the modem. Our main server failed on Saturday causing an

8-March-2002 : ADSL Once again ADSL should be working well. I have powered down the DIALUP connection, and I am running on ADSL only at the moment. I needed to restart the ADSL modem again this evening due to packet

6-March-2002 : ADSL : Spoke too soon OK… Spoke too soon… I am having problems with my connection. An example is traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets 1 reactor ( 0.726 ms 0.545 ms 0.432 ms

6-March-2002 : ADSL ADSL should be running properly now. I would not be surprised if there were a few problems with the switchover. Moving things over has been a bit stressful, and required some changes to the way that we

2-March-2002 : ADSL ADSL is now up and running. Things may not be as reliable as we switch over, so sorry for that. Things should be back to normal shortly >