Month: September 2000

more Olympics

The comment made today was ‘I do not know what day of the week it is. No seriously, I do not know what day of the week this is…. This is saturday isn’t it?’. Yeah, I felt the same way.

Visit to the Ham Radio store

Things are starting to wind down. The boss of the company has left australia again after being here 3 or 4 days… And we are starting to pack up. Oh, and it is only friday morning. One thing I forgot

Women’s 20Km Race Walk

Ok – So this was not so bad… Because it was not too long… well, compared to yesterday and tomorrow. This was all interesting – we were not so sure that we would be able to get the helos up.

oad Cycling – Mens – 5 Hours 29 Minutes

Ok… Boredom yesterday. YUK today. Our video recorder ran out of tape with the race and the medal ceremony – and it was in long play. We were happy it was ended… And none of us thought that it would

Road Cycling

Rain… Rain and no storms… Problems with aircraft meaning that my work was important again. Also because I was recording the data I am able to tell managers where planes and helos were at any time – which is important

Road Cycling rehearsal and Evacuation

Rehearsal and Technical Check of the Road Cycling. One thing that we are used to is refueling the airplanes. What we are not used to is refueling the motorcycles – especially on air… But this happened today. We had to

Women’s Marathon – and bad pictures at the start

I had to be at work at about 6:30 for a technical check about that time. I got in just after 6:15. We had just got our fixed wing plane up, and were trying to get out Helicopters up –

20KM Race Walk

Can you spell FARCE… My team turned up to Auburn hospital 90 minutes after I was told to be there… and we were having a test at 7:00 or 8:00… I got there just before 7:00… But the test was

Marathon Rehearsal

… Marathon rehearsal… Started very late. Of course. Technically quite good, except for air traffic control… Not giving up permission to enter air space, and also Olympic Security not giving us permission to enter Olympic park with aircraft or vehicles…

Day Off

Day off, but I just did not know it… Still, I get paid for some time 🙂 Went into the city with one of the other workers… Had a great time… Recorded my talk for Friday night USA time. Found

Day Off

So I went into the city for a look round. I am impressed with the place. Looks great. Took lots of photos… Also saw the dead sea scrolls. The scrolls were a bit of a disappointment. Good to have seen

Mens Triathalon

What a week… What an Olympics. Where do I start? I guess the first thing is the mens triathlon on Sunday morning… What a good result technically. Almost everything went right, and the pictures were fantastic. I actually did work

Opening Ceremony

I did not need to work. I was offered to watch it in the control room, but I figured I needed to be up early for the triathlon the next day, so went to the large screen at the local

One Day to Go – Rehearsal

Another WOW day… Unfortunately the rehearsal started quite late… by an hour… I had some equipment not working on a BMW motorcycle, but that turned out to be an on/off switch I think… By the time I got to look

Olympics – Bankstown Airport

Went to bankstown airport and saw the lack of any security… NONE. Amazing… I could have placed a bomb on a helicopter and no-one would have known… Have laptop, will travel. Found bad hardware so replaced it… Lots of driving