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GPS Tracking FAQ

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS Tracking is a way to get data from a GPS receiever to a computer displaying the information without the use of wires.

What is GPS Tracker?

A GPS Tracker is a device with a GPS receiver, some type of radio modem and some type of radio that is designed to periodically transmit information on where the unit is to the world in general.

I have an existing two-way radio network. What can you do for me?

If you are interested in tracking vehicles over an existing radio network I would suggest you investigate the TinyTrak which provides an interface between the GPS and the radio. Radioactive Networks have used these units in many critical events without issue.

If you have a repeater then these units can use the repeater. They can also use digital repeaters (DigiPeaters) that can be installed very cheaply. Radioactive Networks have used DigiPeaters in vehicles, on buildings and in helicopters very sucessfully.

Can I set the trackers up so that they can see where other people are?

Depending on the equipment used for the tracker this is certainly possible. Another option that we have the AntiTracker that allows users to use a cheap scanner to monitor transmissions and display them directly onto a GPS receiver (Subject to encryption).

I dont have a radio network. What can you offer?

If you do not have an existing radio network, using the Telstra GPRS network will probably be the most cost effective mode of operation. Using our GPRS GroupTrack product you can track a large number of vehicles from the comfort of your office. If your personel need to see where the other members of their team are in real time on a moving map, we have the TeamTrak product. TeamTrak is a unique concept from Radioactive Networks and gives many of the features of a radio network to GPRS users.

What software can you offer to go with this hardware?

We have a number of software products available. OziAPRS is a product that we have written to plug into the mapping capabilities of OziExplorer turning it into a full GIS tracking system. OziAPRS is compatible with the APRS protocols for sending positions over the air. We can any other formats to the software if required, and have done this for some of our clients

For live webcasts we are working on software called "BroadcastAPRS that will allow the production of high quality graphics suitable for TV and the Web.

What about Maps?

Maps are available for the OziExplorer product from Melways and Sydways. Many other maps are available from GpsOz.

What protocols do you use?

The main protocol that we use is APRS, a publicly available protocol published by TAPR. APRS allows not only position reports to be exchanged, but also weather reports and messaging

If you have a need for other protocols, we can add support for these in our software

Who is Radioactive Networks?

Radioactive Networks is a consulting company with extensive experience in mobile tracking technologies. We have used these technologies successully in events as diverse as the Olympics, the IronMan World Championships in Hawaii to a technology demonstration in Hollywood, Ca. Our unique catalog of Hardware and Software allow us to provide an economical solution to almost any business need.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Radioactive Networks have the experience needed to complete even the most demanding mobile tracking projects.

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