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Experts in Tracking - Choosing a Tracking System

Here at Radioactive Networks we know how hard it is to choose a tracking system. There are so many questions that need to be asked, and there is no-one independant you can go to for advice. And if you can't ask the right questions, how will you know that the solution will fit your business need? After all isn't that why you are wanting to by a Tracking System to begin with?

To help you determine your needs, we have come up with a collection of questions that you can use to choose the right solution. These questions will allow you to choose between the options in a structured manner - and then allow us to provide you with the correct solution.

What you need LIVE position updates?

NO: GPS with Data Logger

Since you do not need to have live updates of where the vehicle is, using a GPS with a Data Logger will probably be your best option. This has the ability to record position reports for a number of days, and be downloaded locally. This has the advantage that no telecommunications charges need to be paid. Of course you do not know where the vehicle is, or where it has been until it returns.

Do you have a Radio System (2-Way, PMR, etc) with enough coverage?

YES: Radio Based Tracking System

If you have a radio system already, or are prepared to put one in, Radioactive Networks can implement a system to your exacting requirements. This system can share an existing voice system, or use it's own channel. It can share your repeater, or you can install your own inexpensive repeaters where needed.

Do you have Mobile Phone coverage?

NO: Satellite Up-Link System

If you do not have mobile phone coverage in the areas you need to track locations in, using a small satellite tracker may be the solution. These GPS based solutions transmit positions periodically, providing cost-effective position reporting - typically at under US$100/month world wide for 15 minute updates. The only problem with this system is that it may take a number of hours for the position reports to be down-linked, depending on the location with respect to earth stations

Do you need constant updates?

NO: GSM Modem Tracker

When you only need to track vehicles periodically (e.g. Once per day, or if the vehicle is stolen), your best solution may be to use a GSM Modem connected to a GPS receiver. Then when you need to know where the vehicle is you can then just phone up the vehicle and it will report it's current location.

YES: GPRS Tracker

If you need to track a vehicle constantly (once every few seconds or minutes) using GPRS may be the best solution. Although it uses the GSM phone network it is significantly cheaper. Costs can be as small as A$40 per month depending on how often you update your positions.

Other Questions

How Many Vehicles do you need to Monitor?

How do you want the data displaced? Web, PC, In Vehicle?

Do you want telemtry or alarms sent at the same time as positions?

Hopefully after reading these questions you have a better idea of some of the technology that can be used to support your business. If you would like more assistance, please contact us.

Who is Radioactive Networks?

Radioactive Networks is a consulting company with extensive experience in mobile tracking technologies. We have used these technologies successully in events as diverse as the Olympics, the IronMan World Championships in Hawaii to a technology demonstration in Hollywood, Ca. Our unique catalog of Hardware and Software allow us to provide an economical solution to almost any business need.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Radioactive Networks have the experience needed to complete even the most demanding mobile tracking projects.

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