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Consultant Engineers, IT and Communication Specialists

Radioactive Networks are Consultant Engineers, IT and Communication Specialists. We focus on development of custom technology for our many clients. Some of our projects are described in the CONSULT area of this web site

We are always looking for more projects to work on. If you have a project that could use Radioactive Networks please contact us. You can read our brochure here

24-July-2005 : Google Earth Interface

Radioactive Networks is pleased to announce a plug-in for their successful TeamTrack Product allowing vehicle positions and histories to be viewed in the Google Earth software. The interface allows the positions of vehicles to be viewed inside the GoogleEarth software without installing any other software on their PC and allows them to see the position of the vehicle in a 3D space, including mountains, valleys, rivers and roads. This software will be available from resellers including MountainMobile of Canada serving the North American market.

7-June-2005 : North American Reseller

Radioactive Networks is pleased to announce that MountainMobile of Canada have been appointed to resell our solutions in North America. Our software is now listed as a solution on their WWW site. MountainMobile is a subsiduary of Aspire Capital Inc. that trades on the TSX Venture Exchange on the Canadian Stock Exchange. More information will be released in the coming days and weeks.

7-February-2005 : Who Are You?

Radioactive Networks is interested in hearing from users of this site telling us who you are and why you are using this site. The bottom of every page has my email address. Clicking on my address will automatically fill in my address in your email program. Also in the footer is a comment that says "Question or Comment? Click Here". By clicking on that link you can submit a comment directly to me without email. Other methods of contacting me can be found on the contacts page on my main WWW site. If you visit this page you will find that my phone numbers are 02 9618 6459 for my land line, and 0412 929 634 for my mobile. Ringing the land line will reach me even if I am out of the office.

17-January-2004 : Enetica and Software

Seems that the .NET.AU domain registration system has a few bugs. As a result Radioactive Networks was off the air for about 8 hours today. The reason was that we had not chosen a new Registrar since the new system came in for .NET.AU. Therefore we needed to Transfer to a Registrar at the same time as renewing. In the process of transfering, our payment for the domain was lost. Paying the domain fee for a second time meant that the domain then worked once the DNS timed out.

We are also up to about 341,000 page views - a fantastic feat.

8-August-2003 : Hits and Software

We have now passed 240,000 page hits, and now have three pages with over 10,000 hits, and some more approaching rapidly. OziAPRS remains to be a popular reason for people to visit our site.

On the subject of OziAPRS, we can now announce some plans for that product. Over the coming months we will be moving OziAPRS to the .Net environment allowing a more integrated product line. The first step on this process is to implement a robust server with database integration. Once that is completed we will then start on re-writing/converting OziAPRS.

We are now offering in-car GPS/GSM/GPRS terminals. You can read more about them on our In-Car GPS/GPRS Page.

18-May-2003 : 200,000 Page Hits and 10,000 hit page

Within the next few days Radioactive Networks will reach a new record of 200,000 genuine page hits for the site. They are hits where a real person has requested a view of a page. In releated news, our 802.11 Pringles page has just hit 10,000 page views - our first 10,000 hit page.

5-March-2003 : Page Hits and OziAPRS

In the past three months Radioactive Networks has received 50,000 genuine hits. That is 50,000 Page Views by real people, bringing out total since the end of December 2001 to 150,000 page views. To all our visitors, a big Thank You.

Radioactive Networks have been busy over the past few months. In the APRS area you can find our OziExplorer Plug-In (called OziAPRS) for distributing positions of waypoints through a large wide area network. In the 802.11 area you can find a paper we are working on about how power control can help performance of all stations in a wireless network.

29-January-2003 : Page Hits and Scanning

Radioactive Networks continues to become more popular with users. We have had over 25,000 page views in the last six weeks alone. The total for 2002 was only just over 100,000. To all those visiting the site, Thank You. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, please let us know.

Over the last week Radioactive Networks have been scanning our hardcopy reference collection. Whilst a lot of this work is to assist our consultancy business, we also hope to provide some of the references online soon. Stay Tuned.

Welcome to our Techical Site. If you are interested in an overview, then visit our Marketing Site
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