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Business in a Box

TeamTrack is a Vehicle Tracking System that offers the advantages of an outsourced tracking system, with all the advantages of an in-house system. We offer the solution either as a core of an outsourced and hosted solution, or as all the parts to start your own business. The choice is yours.

There are two types of tracking systems commonly on the market. The first is the totally outsourced solution where maps are downloaded over the Internet. This has the advantage of minimizing the infrastructure required, at the cost of the increased bandwidth costs associated with downloading maps over the Internet.

The other type is where everything is hosted internally. This requires support to ensure that the servers are backed up, and are running at all times. This reduces the bandwidth requirements, at the expense of complexity internally.

TeamTrack is a Hybrid of these two systems. The server is outsourced, but the maps are located locally. This means that the incoming network bandwidth requirement is minimized whilst maintaining fast access to maps.

TeamTrack interfaces to GoogleEarth to provide a truely impressive tracking experience.

TeamTrak is a GPRS based tracking system where the GPS trackers are used to located objects anywhere withing the range of the GPRS network. Whilst the positions can be seen in OziExplorer in an office environment, the real power of this system is that it allows monitoring of GPS Trackers whilst mobile.

The mobile monitoring stations need not even be in the same city - it just needs to be within range of the GPRS network.

Mobile Data Display

Radioactive Networks has developed a system that allows almost any GPS receiver to be used as a Mobile Data Display. The GPS would then be used to automatically display the positions of any or all mobile units as waypoints on the GPS display. This allows the operator to use mapping functions of the GPS, as well as the 'Goto' function.

The display can also be used to display the positions of all other Mobile Data Display units, removing the constant radio traffic with people asking each other where they are.

TeamTrak allows you to work as a team to track a hidden GPS receiver in most urban environments. This is the type of technology that would be found in a James Bond movie.

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