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Books - GPS
GPS Vehicle Navigation   X     Whether you own a GPS receiver, or have had one for a while, you'll find something of use and interest in the book. As well as explaining the basic and advanced concepts, it is also designed as a reference and contains a comprehensive glossary, index and FAQ.
All About GPS   X     All About GPS: Sherlock Holmes' Guide to the Global Positioning System by Jerry Huang
GPS For Everyone   X     GPS for Everyone: How the Global Positioning System Can Work for You by L. Casey Larijani
Basic Essentials GPS   X     BASIC ESSENTIALS GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEMS (Basic Essentials) by Scottie Barnes, Lafe Low (Editor)
GPS made Easy   X     GPS Made Easy : Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors by Lawrence Letham

Books - 802.11
802.11 Wireless Networks   X     O'Reilly & Associates - 802.11 Wireless Networks (*)
802.11 Demystified   X     802.11 Demystified - James Larocca, Judy Bass (Editor)
802.11 Unleashed   X     802.11 Unleashed - Robert Berger
Wireless Lans (802.11) End to End   X     Wireless LANS (802.11) End to End - Ron Gilster, Mads Oelholm
The IEEE 802.11 Handbook   X     The IEEE 802.11 Handbook - A designer's companion - Bob O'Hara, Al Petrick

Books - Wireless Security
Wireless Security   X     Wireless Security - Models, Threats and Solutions - by Randall K.L Nichols, Panos C. Lekkas, Panos Lekkas

Books - Wireless
Wireless Communications and Networks   X     Wireless Communications and Networks by William Stallings
Wireless Security: Models, Threats, and Solutions   X     Wireless Security: Models, Threats, and Solutions - Randall K.L Nichols, Panos C. Lekkas, Panos Lekkas
802.11 Wireless Networks   X     Building Wireless Community Networks - Includes the Pringles Can 802.11 Antenna (*)
Wireless Communications - Principles and Practice   X     Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice by Theodore S. Rappaport
Wireless LANs   X     Wireless LANs - James T. Geier, Jim Geier
Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures   X     Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures - Yi-Bing Lin, Imrich Chlamtac
Designing Wireless Information Services   X     Designing Wireless Information Services by Johan Hjelm
Deploying Wireless Lans   X     Deploying Wireless LANs by Gil Held, Gilbert Held

Books - Antennas and RF
Satellite Experimenter's Handbook   X     Satellite Experimenter's Handbook by Martin R. Davidoff
Antennas   X     Antennas by John Kraus - THE antenna book
RF Circuit Design   X     Secrets of Rf Circuit Design by Joseph J. Carr
Antenna Book   X     The Arrl Antenna Book (19th Ed./Bk&CD-ROM) by R. Dean Straw (Editor)
Microwave Experimenters Handbook   X     The Arrl Uhf/Microwave Experimenter's Manual : Antennas, Components and Design

Books - Internet
Firewalls and Internet Security   X     (Online)Firewalls and Internet Security - William R. Cheswick, Steven M. Bellovin

Computer History
Artifact   X     Artifact : An Archaeologist's Year in Silicon Valley by Christine Finn.

Books - Geek and Cartoon
The Geek Handbook   X     The Geek Handbook : User Guide and Documentation for the Geek in Your Life by Mikki Halpin
Unix Haters   X     UNIX®-Hater's¿ Handbook by Simson Garfinkel (Editor), Daniel Weise, Steven Strassmann (Editor)

User Friendly   X     User Friendly by J. D. Illiad Frazer, Illiad, Eric S. Raymond (Preface)
Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell   X     Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell by J. D. Illiad Frazer, Illiad, Eric S. Raymond (Preface)
The Root of all EVIL   X     The Root of All Evil by Illiad, Bob Herbstman (Editor)

System Operators Handbook   X     Bastard Operator From Hell (Bastard Operator From Hell) by Simon Travaglia, Pete Abrams

Digital Signal Processing
DSP   X     Digital Signal Processing Technology (ARRL) by Doug Smith

Books - Programming - Games
Multiplayer Games   X     Developers Guide to Multiplayer Games - by Andrew Mulholland, Teijo Hakala
Cybiko Games   X     Game Developer's Guide to Cybiko (With CD-ROM) by Ernest Pazera, Dave Astle

Books - Digital Video
Digital Video   X     How to do everything with Digital Video by Frederic M. Jones, Frederic H. Jones, Jeffrey Wilson (Illustrator)
Digital Surveillance   X     Video-Based Surveillance Systems : Computer Vision and Distributed Processing by Paolo Remagnino (Editor), Graeme A. Jones (Editor), Nikos Paragios (Editor)
Video Coding for Mobile Communications   X     Video Coding for Mobile Communications

Books - Digital Audio
Digital Audio Effects   X     Dafx : Digital Audio Effects by Udo Zoelzer
Audiophiles Sourcebook   X     The Audiophile's Project Sourcebook: 80 High-Performance Audio Electronics Projects by G. Randy Slone

Software Books
Software Pioneers (inc. DVD)   X     Software Pioneers - Contributons to Software Engineering - includes 12 hours of video documentation

Beyond Webcams   X     Beyond Webcams: An introduction to Online Robots - By Ken Goldberg and Roland Siegwart
Designing Sociable Robots   X     Designing Sociable Robots - Intlligent Robots and Autonimous Agents by Cynthia Breazeal
The Robot in the Garden   X     The Robot in the Garden - Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet by Ken Goldberg

The Next Fifty Years   X     The Next Fifty Years : Science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century by John Brockman (Editor)

Computer Security
Hacker's Challenge   X     Hacker's Challenger - Test your incedent response skills using 20 scenarios by Mike Schiffman
The Hacker Diaries   X     The Hacker Diaries : Confessions of Teenage Hackers by Dan Verton.
Byte Wars   X     Byte Wars - The Impact of September 11 on Information Technology by Ed Yourdon

Dummies Books
Consulting   X     Consulting For Dummies by Bob Nelson, Peter Economy
DSL   X     DSL for Dummies by David Angell
AutoCAD R14 Quick Reference   X     AutoCAD. Release 14 For Dummies., Quick Reference by Ellen Finkelstein
Business Plans   X     Business Plans For Dummies. by Paul Tiffany, Steven D. Peterson

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