Google Earth Setup

Setting Up Google Earth for TeamTrack

The interface between TeamTrack and Google Earth is conceptually very simple. All you have to do in Google Earth is provide a link to the TeamTrack Database and WebServices. This is easy provided you follow these simple instructions.

Open the Google Earth Application as normal. Make sure that Google Earth is running as you would normally expect it to be.

We are going to add a link to the TeamTrack database via the Internet. Therefore once Google Earth is open, go to the ‘Add’ menu at the top of the screen and then select ‘Network Link’. This will bring up a simple Dialog Box.

This will bring up a dialog box like the one shown below. You will need to enter some information into this box.

The first thing you should do is give this link a name. This will normally be something that will remind you of what this link is for. Something like “Radioactive Networks TeamTrack Link” might work well as shown in the picture above.

In the ‘Network Link Properties’ area you will need to enter a ‘Location’. This will normally be emailed to you as a link. Carefully copy the link into the location box. You may need to right-click on the location box to paste the link. You will need to make sure that if the link was emailed that it is pasted as a single line. Links broken onto two lines do not work.

Then you will need to tick the ‘Refresh Paramaters’ box. This will give you some more paramaters to enter. In the ‘Time Based Refresh’ box you will need to select a ‘WHEN’ of ‘PERIODICALLY’, and then choose an appropriate time. A figure of every few minutes will suit most people – so normally choose ‘THREE’ minutes.

That is all that needs to be set up. You can now press ‘OK’.

The new Network Link will appear under My Places on the Left side of the Google Earth screen.