Mobile GPS Data Display

Mobile GPS Data Display

Radioactive Networks has developed a system that allows almost any GPS receiver to be used as a Mobile Data Display. The GPS would then be used to automatically display the positions of any or all mobile units as waypoints on the GPS display. This allows the operator to use mapping functions of the GPS, as well as the ‘Goto’ function.
The display can also be used to display the positions of all other Mobile Data Display units, removing the constant radio traffic with people asking each other where they are.

TeamTrak allows you to work as a team to track a hidden GPS receiver in most urban environments. This is the type of technology that would be found in a James Bond movie.

Radioactive Networks are experts in tracking. We recognise that there are times when it is more appropriate to use the GSM/GPRS network than to use a 2-Way radio system. In many cases it will also be cheaper to operate using GPRS based trackers than a 2-Way system.

Thanks to the low data rate involved with sending GPS data, GPS can be quite cost effective – costing as little as $40/month per vehicle. If you only need tracking for emergency use, the monthly cost can even be less than this.

In Car Computer

Not just an In-vehicle display terminal, Micronet’s Net-960 Mobile Data Terminal is a flexible onboard computer platform featuring an extended full graphic display, a unique, “one-touch” control knob, functional keypad and the capability to integrate third party modules, implementing functions such as GPS and Wireless communications. Standard serial ports can be used to connect external devices such as: “QWERTY” Keyboard, Printer, Data Logger, Dallas Reader, Light Pen for bar-code reading, card slot reader for payment transactions, VLU, etc.


Radioactive Networks has custom software that will allow an data from an almost unlimited number of GPRS tracking units to be brought together into a unified data stream. Even better than that, the system can also integrate data from tracking systems operating on two-way radio networks creating a single homogenous network.

We also know that many of the payoffs for tracking are in applications that can be linked to having mobile data systems. For this reasons we are working with manufacturers of tracking systems to in order to provide integrated systems.

Our view is that we support you with your business needs. We provide you the tools so that you can get a return on your investment. This will often be something as simple as giving you access to the underlying data that our system collects

If you are interested in GPS Tracking Systems please contact us – our details are available on the contacts page detailed on the left side of this page.

We are currently working on server software to integrate with APRS compatible application software currently on the market. This hardware is ideal for tracking earthmoving equipment and truck fleets