Questions to Ask…

Q: If I choose an outsourced solution today can I run my own servers later? A: YES! Of course you can. There will be some transition work required to move your fleet across to your own server, but there is no reason why you cannot run your own server as your investment in the technology grows.
Q: Do you write your own software or do you just resell another product? A: Generally we write all our own software. But this is not always the best for the customer, so we also interface to many other products. We generally do not write our own mapping software so interface to a number of existing products out there.
By writing our own software we are able to customise it to your requirements. Feature suggestions are always welcome
Q: Does the company have Engineering and Programming Staff in Australia? A: Radioactive Networks is 100% Australian Owned and Operated. All our staff are located inside Australia. If you need an Engineer on site no international flights are needed.
Q: Is the company a professional in the Mobile World? A: Radioactive Networks have been involved with wireless technology design and construction since 1992. Our chief engineer wrote a thesis on Half Duplex Spread Spectrum technology back in 1994/5 – a technology that has now become WiFi
Q: Does the company have experience with multiple wireless technologies? A: Most tracking companies only have experience with one or two technologies. Commonly SMS or GPRS. We have extensive experience with these as well as live and delayed satellite, radio, CDMA and WiFi. We do not only have experience with using these units as a black box, but also the intelligenece inside these boxes. We have constructed satellite ground stations for some events
Q: Can the tracking company deal with critical events? A: Radioactive Networks staff ran a tracking system for the Sydney Olympic Games. The tracking equipment was being used for video camera helicopters and motorcycles ensuring perfect pictures to the billion viewers around the world.
Q: Does the company have access to the tracker source code? A: Radioactive Networks wrote the code being used in the HawkTrak GPRS and CDMA Tracker. This means that we are in a unique position to offer custom products to your exact specifications

If you are interested in GPS Tracking Systems please contact us – our details are available on the contacts page detailed on the left side of this page.

We are currently working on server software to integrate with APRS compatible application software currently on the market. This hardware is ideal for tracking eathmoving equipment and truck fleets