Business in a Box

TeamTrack : Business in a Box

Radioactive Networks knows that you are an expert in your own business. You know your clients. You have existing relationships with suppliers and retailers. You are successful in your business. We also know that there is a lot of work to get a tracking business up and running. You need to invest a lot of time and money to get things working properly. You need hardware and software. You need support. You need someone to call when things go wrong. We know that you may want to take a risk with Tracking, but you are not sure how it is going to go in the long term. You would love to operate the business yourself, but you are just not sure if the investment is worth it. That is where Radioactive Networks fits in. We can grow with you in the tracking business. We have a number of options available for you as a client.

  • At the start, Radioactive Networks will host the data for you. You do not need any infrastructure apart from dealing with your customers. We handle everything for you.
  • As you grow you can start thinking about hosting your own data. We can start modifying the software with your company name, and giving you full administration over the server
  • When you are ready and you have the clients to support it, we will license you the server software for you to install on your own server in your office. You will then be responsible for backups and administration of the server fully.

Basically, as you grow, we can grow with you. Our solutions are unique. Talk to us and you will see what we mean.