Back End

Radioactive Networks are experts in tracking. We recognise that there are times when it is more appropriate to use the GSM/GPRS network than to use a 2-Way radio system. In many cases it will also be cheaper to operate using GPRS based trackers than a 2-Way system.

The back end systems for remote tracking and messaging are probably the most important part of the entire system. They are the part most critical to your business, and the part that is ignored by many suppliers.

Radioactive Networks have written the Backend Server Software in the Microsoft .Net environment. We have found that the .Net environment provided a stable platform for developing critical network applications such this one. The server software has strong database connectivity allowing positions and events to be retrieved long after they were recorded.

Our philosophy is that whilst we have chosen to implement the system in the .Net environment, we do force clients to operate under windows. The interface protocol is freely available, allowing other platforms to be supported. Position Monitoring support is already available for MAC, Linux, DOS, Palm amongst others. Should there be a need, our server software could be ported to another platform such as LINUX without too many issues.

We suggest that Microsoft Access be used to do custom reporting and billing on the database, so that our clients can maintain their own business rules for maximum flexibility. Of course, we would be happy to implement these type of solutions ourselves if required.

We believe that our solution provides a well rounded set of tools suitable for almost any business.