ADSL Surge Protection


Hi Guy's

I agree with all comments so far, with any wire connected system surge
protection is a must if you not around to pull the plugs in a storm. Where I
am, lightning strikes are very common, and damage is regular to unprotected

The trick is to protect EVERY wired connection into and out of a computer
set up. I have the ADSL line, power and cat 5 network wires to other rooms
in the house. All of these are protected by the same protection set up.

I use a set of surge protection devices that DSE sells. The base unit is a
Panamax Max 6. It is a 6 outlet power board, that can have all types of
signal protection modules that can be connected to it.

Unfortunately the base power unit is not available in AUS as the supplier
let their 5 year electrical approvals lapse. As a result the unit is
currently being retested. If they had reapplied for their approvals to be
extended before they lapsed the unit would still be on the shelves.
Basically a paper work stuff up that should have been avoided. DSE head
office have told me that reapproval is in progress. Despite this i have
found this to be a very effective protection system at a reasonable price.

For the technical people on the forum: The surge protection on the mains
side has 6 MOVs in 2 groups of 3 arranged A-N, A-E, N-E with the usual
common mode filter between the 2 groups. There is an earth terminal that a
special clip that attaches to the signal protectors.

The telco 2 wire protector, has a 3 terminal gas arrestor on the input side,
2 series HI volt poly switches in series with the line and a shunt transorb
on the output side of it. The centre terminal of the gas arrestor goes to
the mains earth via the metal clip.

Its effect to the normal ADSL signal would be a small amount of extra shunt
capacitance that may just be enough to degrade an ADSL service that is right
at the limit of line length, but otherwise I have found the effect is not
visible at all.

I had a direct lightning hit to a pole with the telco wires on it at the end
of last year, and the modem lost sync as a result of the hit, but re-synced
and was working fine about 30 seconds later. This speaks well for the
protection device!