D-Link DSL-500

D-Link ADSL DSL-500 Modem and Router

The DSL-500 from D-LINK is in my opinion a much better unit than the Alcatel Speedtouch Pro. The software is more modern, with updates available over the web from the D-Link WWW Site (http://www.dlink.com.au)

My Comments

Upgrade the Firmware
My unit came with v1.14 firmware. I found that this was too old to connect to my ISP (AlwaysOnline). I downloaded the firmware (2.01b5) from D-Link and installed this software on my computer. I then ran the software, and this upgraded the firmare. At the end of the process it responded with a message about a timeout, and when I connected the modem I found that the old version of the firmware was running. Restarting the modem fixed everything.

Do Not Use Netscape 6
I tried to use Netscape 6 to configure the unit. This did not work well, since the left hand menu is some type active component. Using IE6 worked.

Enter The User Details Correctly
This is not too hard. Just make sure you do it correctly.

Set Up NAT forwarding
Because I needed to use NAT to run a server, I went to the NAT menu, and enabled it. The trick is to also enable DMZ STATE. Then I needed to enter the IP address of my server on my network. Since this was not on the same ethernet IP range I needed to change a few more things.

Change the IP Address of the Modem
In my case I use an addressing scheme where the interface number on my firewall lines up to the IP addresses on that link (eth3 is Also my firewall uses .1 for the last octet address for all interfaces (see the address above). Therefore I needed to change the IP address of the unit.

I changed it to, and decided not to restart the unit at this stage. I then went to DHCP and changed all the DHCP settings, just in case I want to use it at some point in the future. I then restarted, but I needed to do one more step

Create a Static Route
At this point things almost work. Outgoing services sometimes might work, depending on the WEB PROXY in my firewall. Incoming services did not work. To fix that I needed to create a STATIC ROUTE to point any IP Packets of to use gateway (my firewall). This fixed most things so that they actually work.

The statistics on the DSL-500 are good. They give you all the information you need about signal to noise and error rates without needing to delve into the internals of the modem. It also even states the distance from the exchange to the nearest thousand feet.

And to top that off a graph is available showing the performance of the entire link. All in all the DSL-500 is a good buy. Superior to the Alcatel SpeedTouch PRO in every way.