DigiPix Axis Camera

Inside the Digipix Axis Digital Camera C.1999

These photos are of the internals of the DigiPix Axis Digital Camera,
purchased at the end of 1999 (S/N 0640064) with the amazing ability to take
about 16 photos onto a single 2 mByte memory card. The interface to the unit
was through the RS-232 port, and this made transferring pictures very

Picture quality was poor. One reason for this is the filter shown on the
last photo. This was in front of the CCD image sensor. Notice the blue
colouring. This was partially to remove bias from the image sensor and to
restrict IR signals from getting to the image sensor. The filter was very
poor quality.

Another interesting feature of this camera is the MECHANICAL shutter that is
driven by a small solenoid.