GPS Pipe Antenna

Waste Water Pipe Helical GPS Antenna

This is a side on view of the Waste Water Pipe Helical antenna. The Cable ties are there to hold the pipe on. You can just see the conductor at the middle of the top of the image – the silver. It is covered with  electrical tape. There are 1 3/4 turns of the tape in a  spiral, with 1/4 turn added parallel to the base. Soldered  to the end of this wire is the circuit board below.

This board contains a MAR-6 MMIC, although an ERA-3 should be used. The earth from the coax and the MMIC is connected to the ground plane. The MAR-6 is available

From the top. The copper is 19 cm in diameter, although the exact size is not important. Notice the whitish ring round the outside. That is the top of a microwave dish purchased from K-Mart.