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GPS Antennas and Receivers


Motorola GPS Antenna Trimble GPS Antenna Ceramic Patch Antenna encased inEPOXY radome with MAR-6 amplifier

and magnetic mount.

GPS Antennas


Helical antennas from a design by Tom Clarke W3IWI.
The design uses 60mm waste water pipe, with 2 turns of wire [ The alternate
design uses window tape]. 1/4 turn if the wire at the base is paralell
to the base. The signal is amplified with a MAR-6 MMIC.


The picture on the left is a MICROWAVE DISH. On the
right is a microwave antenna. It comes from an ARRL design in 1995, using
PCB rather than steel. It is made from 2 pieces of PCB, some 5mm spaces
and an MAR-6 MMIC.


Motorola Oncore UT+ Motorola Oncore VP
BNC – MCX/OSX Converter from
MAVIN.COM Surplus GPSReceiver Trimble SVeeSix GPS Receiver
Garmin GPS12 – Inside Garmin GPS12 – Inside
XRay of Garmin GPS45 Antenna Garmin GPS25