Haicom HI-204

The HAICOM HI-204 series cable GPS, is a complete GPS receiver and embedded
antenna designed to connect to a laptop computer, or a PDA, such as Palm,
Pocket PC or Windows CE device.

The HI-204 is a magnet based GPS device, to clamp to vehicle exterior. The
cable is thin enough to put through the vehicle door rubber. If you already
have or are developing application software, and you need a GPS receiver to
provide your position, velocity and time data, this is the perfect low cost

The Hi-204 is supplied with a universal PS2 cable, and a standard USB
connector. We can supply various adaptor cables to suit different PDA
models. This optional extra cable connects to a 12v cigar plug lead, which
powers and carries data to and from the GPS and the connected computing

The HI-204 will track up to twelve satellites at a time, with low power

 L1, 1575
42 MHz C/A Code.
 Channels: 12 Channel all-in-view
tracking, sensitivity -170dBm.
 Interface: RS 232 and PSII
cable / USB, and specific cable terminals for most PDA and Palm
 Output:  NMEA 0183
V2.2 protocol, and supports commands: GGA,GSA,GSV,RMC,VTG,GLL
 Antenna  Magnetic-base active
antenna with 2.5 metres of co-ax cable.
Acquisition  Hot Start Less than 8
sec. Warm Start Less than 40 sec. Cold Start Less than 50 sec.
 Reacquisition: 0.1 sec.
 Power Consumption 150 mA
and other accuracies:
Horizontal accuracy
40m Vertical Accuracy 0.2m/sec 95%
  Velocity: Acceleration Limit
Less than 18,000m / Altitude Limit 100m / Re-acquisition Less
than 1000 knots
Velocity Limit 20 m/sec / Jerk Limit 25m 95%
 Time:  Accuracy
340 nsec 95%,C/A code
  Datum: WGS-84
Storage Temperature
-40°~80°C / Operation Temperature -15°~70°C Humidity
/ Up to 90% non-Condensing
 Dimensions: 150 x 58 x 25mm


   Sensitive Patch antenna within a compact housing, with cable to facilitate
use as an external antenna.

   All-in View high performance multifunctional 12-parallel channels GPS
Chipsets and low power consumption signal processor.

   Standard NMEA 0183 V 2.2 output protocol, supported commands

   SiRF models have binary raw data output, accommodates demanding
applications at a different level.

   Single Sat Positioning; provides more position fixes in an urban canyon or
dense foliage environment.

   Supports most GPS or mapping software.(NMEA output)

   Plug directly into NoteBook PC or PDA.

Serial Manual PDF Manual

The Haicom GPS is $176. To order please contact us through the Contact page
on the left hand side.