Radioactive Networks is pleased to offer the TNC-X USB Kiss TNC. We believe that this product is unique on the market and provides a perfect solution for interfacing vehicle tracking to existing radio networks.

TNC-X is a new Terminal Node Controller design based on the Chepponis/Karn KISS protocol. It is implemented using a Microchip PIC 16F628 microcontroller, a CML MX614 Bell 202 modem chip, an 8K Ramtron FRAM, a Maxim MAX232A level converter chip, and an op-amp which provides active audio filtering for the modem. From the beginning, this TNC was designed to be small, have low power consumption, and, most importantly, be expandable. Expandability stems from two sources. First there is an on board socket for a DLP-USB232M USB module which provides the TNC with a USB port. Drivers that are shipped with the module make it appear to the host PC as a standard serial port. Thus PC software that expects to see a serial port on the computer will interpret the TNC-X as being connected to such a port, even when the PC has no serial ports, or they are all used by other applications. In addition, when the USB option is used, the TNC can be powered from the USB port of the computer; no other power supply is needed.

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TNC-X Basic Kit $85 – TNC-X Kit without USB
TNC-X USB Upgrade $40 – USB Module for the TNC-X
TNC-X Case $25 – Case for the TNC-X
TNC-X Building $45 – Service to construct and test your TNC-X