UI-View is available from

UI-View is probably the premier APRS application today. The software
is written by Roger Barker, G4IDE who is truley committed to APRS. The software
is fantastic, and so is the support.

For details of mailing lists for UI-VIEW check out APRS
Mailing Lists

UI-View was used during the Sydney Olympics to track helocopters and
motorcycles with cameras. When UI-View did not have the exact capabilities
required, roger added them

Registering UI-View in Australia

UI-View Links

VK Repeater positions file for UI-View

Town Names and their relation to Postcodes


Australian Town Names and their locations – CSV

VK Postcode Positions
Locations of all Australian Postcodes for UI-View

VK Callsign Database
Callsign Database that can be used with the next file

VK Callsign Database Server

With the previous file intergrates all VK callsigns into UI-View

Support Files

List of all REPEATER callsigns for Australia

Gets positions from SMA on all Repeaters in Australia
Andrew Rich [andrew.rich@bigpond.com]
Send these commands to UI-VIEW as a message

?APRSP - sends back a location beacon.
?APRSS - sends back the status text.
?APRSO - sends back your active objects.
?APRSD - sends back a list of stations that have been heard direct.
?APRST (or ?PING?) - sends back the route by which the query was received.
?APRSH  - sends back information on when  was last heard.
?VER? (not an APRS query, but some APRS software supports it) -
    sends back information on the software version in use.

With "Remote commands" enabled in UI-VIEW, you can send the follwoing
commands that are specific to UI-VIEW

QAS - causes your system (the Ui-VIEW station) to Query All Stations.
QWS - causes your system (the Ui-VIEW station)to Query WX Stations.
BCN - causes your system (the Ui-VIEW station)to send a beacon.
LGS (or LG1) - enables logging at (the Ui-VIEW station),
	using a log file named according to the date.
	(This command must come from the station
LGX (or LG0) - disables logging at (the Ui-VIEW station). (This
	command must come from the station callsign.)
DX - causes your system (the Ui-VIEW station) to send an abbreviated
	best DX report.
!program - when sent to (the Ui-VIEW station) runs a program
	in the RCOMMAND directory