OziAPRS Notifications

Distributed Positioning for OziExplorer

Email Announcement 24-June-2003


I have just uploaded a new version of OziAPRS to

The new and enhanced features include

	* Improved support for the M110 GPRS tracking unit from WMCS
	* Support for NetGPS client software
	* The ability to run OziAPRS without OziExplorer, for those
		that want to use OziAPRS as an advanced tactical system
		- and the ability to connect and disconnect from OziExplorer
		without exiting OziAPRS.
	* If Moving Map|Track to Memory/Map is turned on, a Snail Trail
		will be drawn on TRACK 1 in OziExplorer, when you select TRACK in OziAPRS
	* The ability to save the state of OziAPRS stations to a file, and
		load from a file. Automatic saving is also supported.
	* Splash Screen added to tell you what is happening when it attempts
		to connect to OziExplorer.

Database Functions have been significantly enhanced.
	* The LINE field in the database has been increased from 50 to 128
	* The database now stores the GPS coordinates with a GMT timestamp.
	* There are some Database Retrieve functions under the STATE menu
		+ Select Start and Stop dates, and display the positions of
			all stations in the database by selecting a horizontal
			scroll bar. The function displays positions of stations
			of they were heard in a 15 minute window, and the
			position displayed may be any location in that 15 minute
			time. Lat/Long support only at this stage.
		+ The ability to display TRACKS in OziExplorer (ALT-T) for
			up to 74 stations between two selected dates.
		+ The ability to see where the database says all the
			stations are and have them displayed in OziExplorer.

Email Announcement 28-March-2003


With the new version of OziExplorer and a new OziExplorer API comes a new
version of OziAPRS. The new version of the software adds some new features
such as

	* If waypoints exist in OziExplorer before OziAPRS is started,
	  then these waypoints are moved when new positions come in.
	* The colour of waypoints now decay every 30 seconds, meaning
	  that if no updated packets come in within 10 minutes that the
	  packet will become the darkest. I will add the ability to modify
	  the decay paramaters later
	* You can now use the sort capability for Waypoints within OziExplorer.
	  I now use move waypoints by NAME.
	* Speed and Course data is now uploaded in the description, with update
	   time and any weather information on every packet coming in
I still need to implement positionless weather packets, and also improve the
TCP/IP interface for the software to reconnect on disconnect.

Existing users will either need to install the new OziAPI.DLL file from
www.oziexplorer.com or use the full install from


Email Announcement 5-March-2003


I have added a new version of OziAPRS - APRS for OziExplorer... It is
downloadable now on http://www.radio-active.net.au/web/gpsaprs/oziaprs.html

The new capabilities are not yet documented but here is an overview

* Added a column for details on where the data is coming from
* Added the ability to LOG the information to a file, also identifying where
	the information I have got is not decoded properly. The location
	of the log file is also assignable.
* Slightly changed the format of the data being sent to OsiExplorer in the
	text area.
* Added the capability to upload data into Microsoft Access. This part is
	***HIGHLY*** experimental. There is a reference to an Access
	2000 database	on the page above that can be used. You *MUST*
	also have Microsoft DAO 3.6 installed. At the moment positions
	are just getting uploaded into a database. I eventually want to
	have these positions being uploaded to	OziExplorer itself through
	the access UI.
* All position problems should be fixed.


Email Announcement 27-Feb-2003


I have updated the OziAPRS software in the last few days.

* Improving the accuracy of importing some of the APRS positions finding
	a few bugs in the parsing library. All reports should be in the
	correct location now.
* Added the ability to receive data from the serial port from a radio
	modem (TNC)
* Decoded more stations - Including Weather Stations
	NOTE: Weather Data will only be updated when first uploaded. Since there is no
	command in OziExplorer to update the the properties of a waypoint other than
	its position I cant provide current data on the screen. The current data is shown
	on the table.
* There is more readable information if you hold the cursor over a station
	in OziExplorer
* I am working on more documentation and formanlizing a to-do list for the application. This can be
	found on the upper menu of the OziAPRS page
* Waypoints can be moved by double clicking on the Map in OxiExplorer.
* It is now possible to monitor only selected stations. We are looking at some type of
	filtering here too
* Any text pasted into the status line will be avaluated as if it came in over the network
	or TNC once the focus leaves that text box.

Versiona are available from download from