OziAPRS Network

OziAPRS has been upgraded

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Distributed Positioning for OziExplorer

This page describes some of the structure of OziAPRS and how it
interconnects to create a distributed position reporting system based on
TCP/IP. This page is still being updated.

The position of any OziExplorer station will appear as a waypoint on every
other OziExplorer on the network.

The idea is that each OziExplorer computer can connect to other machines
acting as HUBS, and also each copy of OziExplorer can operate as a HUB. In
other words each copy of OziExplorer can operate as a client as well as a
server for OziExplorer clients.

Getting OziAPRS Working

   Install the software

   Start OziExplorer
Stat OziAPRS


Set the Station ID with File|Set Station ID. This is commonly a unique
callsign like VK2TDS-1 for instance

   Set the SERVER to connect to with Server|Set Server. This is commonly
second.aprs.net.au:10151 for testing (You may want to check that you can
telnet out by running TELNET SECOND.APRS.NET.AU 10151 from the command
prompt of windows

   Connect to the SERVER with Server|Connect to Server

If you are running your own network

   Dont set the connect under server YET.

   On the computer running as your HUB, select HUB|Listening

   Dont forget to enable NMEA on this computer

   Telnet into port 7000 of this computer and make sure data is coming

   On the computers that connect to this computer, set them up to connect
to this computers IP address on port 7000 – for instance


On the clients Select Server|Connect and also enable NMEA

   Positions should appear on other computers on the network

OziAPRS is a part of a FULL GIS system that allows moving objects to be
tracked in real time and displayed on networked computers. The software will
soon have the ability to contact other OziAPRS stations and track their
positions in real time

One issue is how to move the positioning data around. Radio Modems work
well, but this is not within the capabilities of most organisations. But
there are other options. GPRS is a good
way, ham radio works. SMS works, but is expensive. If you can move data
around mobile, then you can use this.

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The Entire OziAPRS Suite

The OziAPRS interface is just the first component of an entire system that
will make complex applications possible. Other components and extensions

   Client and Server connections between copies of OziExplorer, so that
all the users in a cluster can combine their current positions to be
displayed on each computer in a cluster, and have the data uploaded to other

   The ability to save the positions over time in an Access Database, and
play this data back as required.

   The ability to integrate to specialized GPRS/GPS standalone tracking