OziAPRS Features


Distributed Positioning for OziExplorer

OziAPRS – APRS for OziExplorer – is a distributed positioning system
for OziExplorer that allows positions created on one OziExplorer terminal to
appear on all other OziExplorer terminals on the network.

As an evolving program, maintaining the documentation of the features
becomes increasingly difficult. This page is designed to assist in outlining
the features of the OziAPRS suite. We will attempt to keep this page up to
date, but it may lag the actual software.

Radioactive Networks then worked out that getting positions from
other computers running the OziExplorer software did not provide a very good
incentive to invest in the software, so we extended it to allow GPS
receivers in the field to send their data back directly to the OziAPRS
network. This would include devices such as

   WMCS M110 GPRS Tracking Unit

   Byonics TinyTrak III Radio Tracking Modem

   Any AX25 radio modem

   Almost any TCP/IP wireless GPS units

   Almost any laptop with a GPS and wireless Internet

   No TNC needed with the AGWPE interface

   Accepts data from WinCE trackers thanks to NetGPS

OziAPRS is a part of a FULL GIS system that allows moving objects to be
tracked in real time and displayed on networked computers. The software will
soon have the ability to contact other OziAPRS stations and track their
positions in real time


   Display positions in OziExplorer gathered over the Internet

   Distribute GPS positions from GPS units attached to OziExplorer

   Operate as a server for other OziAPRS clients to connect creating a GPS
position network.

   Downloads APRS positions from APRS compliant internet servers


Track any internet position as a TRACK in OziExplorer

   Display internet positions in sortable table format.

   Handle MAP files>50MB and zoom from 25% to 800% and a large number of
map projections and user calibration points

   AGWPE Support.

Support for NetGPS. I have now included a small server for NetGPS inside OziAPRS. This
service listens on port-80 for connections from NetGPS Windows and WinCE GPS
devices. This should allow many users with wireless PDA’s and a GPS receiver
to now send position updates to OziAPRS. NetGPS can be obtained from
http://www.gpsvehiclenavigation.com/GPS/netgps.php. OziAPRS will not send
data back to the NetGPS OziExplorer software since that software is designed
to monitor one NetGPS device only.

   Updated Support for GPRS modems

I have re-written the support for GPRS modems such as the WMCS M110
Unit (www.wmcs.net) and this should be more reliable. I have also written a
small emulator for the M110 unit that I have used for testing that can be
downloaded from my OziAPRS pages.