OziAPRS Database


Distributed Positioning for OziExplorer

Many tracking systems only allow the ability to log data to a Text File.
Here at Radioactive Networks, we feel that users should have access to
something more than that – so we have added the ability of OziAPRS to upload
a information into a Microsoft Access DataBase, and then retrieve the
information at a later date. This gives users superior access to live

Adding a database to OziAPRS, we are also enabling users to build their own
applications through the DataBase interface – an interface that is
conceptually cleaner for many database based applications. We are adding
database functions all the time. At the time of writing some of the
functions included :-

   Store Position and Time data into a database

   Retrieve graphically the latest positions of all objects from the

   Track selected objects graphically between two points in time

   Dynamically play back recorded data between two points in time with the
use of a slider control to set the time.