APRS Weather – 1999

BOM Data Receiver

This receiver is used by the Wethalert system being used around Australia.
It uses 1200 BPS BELL modem tones. My intent is to add this data stream to
the APRS data stream in some correctly formatted way

Correctly formatting should not be too much problem. The messages come through
with a lifetime on the message.

Rainfall Radar





Strike sentence

ddd corrected strike distance, in miles.
uuu Uncorrected strike distance, in miles.
bbb.b Bearing to strike, 000.0 to 359.9 degrees
cs      Checksum in hex

Noise sentence

Status sentence $WIMST,,,,,,,,
ccc Close strike rate, 0-999 per minute
sss Total strike rate, 0-999 per minute
ca Close alarm status, 0=not active 1=active
sa severe alarm status, same
hhh.h current heading from gps or compass 000.0 to 359.9