APRS PCB – 1999


This page is dedicated to the work done by Ron Graham, VK4BRG on the APRS-GPS
interface for the AISIN OEM GPS units, that were retailing for US$20 in

This is the PCB from Ron

Ron should be commended for his work on this project. It was initiated
with the donation/exchange of a couple of the GPS units as an encouragement.
Ron has since produced some fantastic boards, allowing the GPS units to
be mounted directly on the PCB with the modem, with the protocol converter
IC. All the PCB’s are double sided making soldering very easy, making it
possible to produce a professional job. It has been so long since I worked
on a double sided plated through board that I had forgotten how much fun
they were to use.

I only received the boards on 23 December 1999, so in the last 24 hours
I have been busy. I have located sources of all the parts that are difficult
to obtain economically in Australia. These pictures are not of the final
units. I am still working, but they are going well.


APRS board from Above APRS board from below with GPS
Maxon HT for APRS work, Mated with APRS 

equipment above

Blank 12C672 PIC’s, 16F84-10P PIC’s, 3.58 MHz resonators, 10 MHz crystals
and voltage regulators are available from  www.microzed.com.au
. Programmers for the 12C672 are available from  www.oatleyelectronics.com 

. The MX-614 is available from  www.tapr.org

My units are being integrated with handheld units from MAXON, with crystals
from Hy-Q.