APRS is the ‘killer application’ for mobile packet radio. It can be used for tracking mobile stations,  Radio Direction Finding and Weather reporting. Tracking lightning is also
being investigated. It is simple to use, and can be quite powerful. It can track stolen cars, or keep track of teenage daughters.

If you have JAVA, visit WWW.APRS.NET. Here you will find an interactive version of the APRS written in JAVA running in your web browser

APRS Resources Cheat Sheet

We have just released a cheat sheet telling you about APRS resources. It is available here in PDF format

APRS and 802.11

We have written a working paper on the integration of APRS and 802.11. You
can view it here

Some Software

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MacOS 7.5


System 7+
All Windows
0.9 build 192

Why am I doing this? I believe
that APRS could be the mode that keeps Amateur Radio going for the next
10 years. A decade ago, packet radio showed all the promise. Now it is
APRS. But unlike Packet, APRS does not compete against the Internet. It
works with the internet, but does not require it. It can cope with thousands
of users around the country on the same frequency giving it an un-rivaled
user/bandwidth raitio..