802.11 WiFi for Ham Radio

Welcome to our Ham Radio 802.11 Page.

Spread Spectrum Ham Radio using TCP/IP links is something that we have been
proposing and working towards since the mid 1990’s and is the subject of a
thesis and several papers by the members of Radioactive Networks. We believe
that half duplex spread spectrum networks have a huge potential if properly

We at radioactive networks believe that in most cases adding amplifiers to
802.11 equipment is a very bad idea, and we are active in our oposition to
their use.

The TAPR HAM-802.11 Mailing List can be acessed by visiting

The ARRL HSMM (High Speed MultiMedia
have devised the term Hinternet,
which I feel is one of the worst terms for what is possible. It creates a
connection with 802.11 and the Internet – something which is misleading in
the extreme. In my view the power of 802.11 in ham radio is not to compete
with the normal 802.11 users out there, but to extend things.

What I am thinking of is digital voice and video over 802.11. Repeater links
with large repeater linking systems. Everything except connecting to the
internet through Ham Radio.