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Sunday, January 08, 2006

I have a few things to do today... Work wise. Catching up on some projects, and writing some emails. The good thing is that one of my clients paid me a rather substantial deposit on some work so I guess I should get the hardware out ASAP for him. I can assure you that it did help my bank ballance rather significantly... Although there will be a nice GST bill as well out of it. But I am not complaining. Really I am not!

This morning before church I had some excitment... One of the women from my church rang to say that she was unwell. Quite dizzy in fact - and she was concerned that she could not even call the ambulance if she got worse since her front gate was locked. So I offered to go down and climb the fense and unlock it. Little did I realise it was going to be an 8 foot fense. I had planned ahead thankfully and put a fold up ladder in the car before leaving home - which was enough to get over the fense. Or at least onto the top of it, when I realised that I could unlock it without jumping over. I can only guess what people would have thought if they saw me whilst driving over. Criminal record here I come :-)


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