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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Looks like I will be going up to Newcastle on Friday to visit a client. One the way back I will probably drop in on a friend of mine living on the Central Coast and catch up with things. And since I will not be building this weekend I can actually stay there on saturday if I want to... It will also be good to see their house - I helped them with some of the wiring about a year back.

I still love my iPod... So I was really interested in this site which lists a few mods for the iPod. The coolest is a slide in docking station for a PC. Not that it will work well with a Laptop, but it is cool despite that anyway.

I have been watching a show on the Singapore Ports. I did not realize how much technology went into the ports - It has been a real experience leaning about it all - including how the ports actually work. How the waterways work.

And finally, this site describes the work of a pretty amazing artist. Wow...


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